Birthdays and events

We will be pleased to prepare for you events for a group of employees or birthday for children, adolescents and adults.

Company events

Escape room is the perfect tool for team building. Players must create a well-functioning team, to get out of the room in 60 minutes. The group must pay special attention to communication and joint problem solving, so players develop those skills that are necessary for good teamwork.

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Technical facilities  IMG_1906IMG_1908

Besides the two rooms (one more is under construction), our escape room has forty square meters conference and recreation room with a balcony. The room is equipped with chairs and sofas (place for approx. 20 people), a whiteboard and an electric kettle.

Birthdays, bachelor or bachelorette party and other

2 rooms for the two groups (max. 6 people in the group) - 100 EUR (house in the woods and secret agent). Time: 1 hour + admission.

4 rooms for 2 groups - (max. 6 people in the group) - 120 EUR (house in the woods and secret agent, each group goes both rooms). Time: 2 hours + entrance. 1 hour recreation room for free!

Recreation room 20 EUR per hour.

Nasze pokoje

White Wolf
Coming soon in english!
Secret agent
You received an anonymous information about the whereabouts of a wanted serial killer. When you went into the room, it turned out that you find yourself trapped. Criminal decided to give you the opportunity to get out of the room. Can you outsmart his security system and escape alive?


Cabin in the woods
Your friend, journalist, went into the dark forest to gather information to a new article. After he sent to you the location of a promising place, you lost contact with him. Will you find your friend alive? Can you discover the secrets of a seemingly ordinary cabin in the woods?





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