Maze Escape Room

You stay locked up to 60 minutes in a room full of puzzles. The goal is simple: work together, defeat obstacles, get out and - if time allows - save the world.


Live room escape is a game for small groups. The aim is to escape from a closed room, and to get out one has to solve logic and math puzzles, open padlocks and safes. Entertainment derived from computer point-and-click games, but the experience in real life is far more exciting.
For whom?
Escape room is entertainment for everyone, but because of the difficulty it is recommended that players have at least 13 years. The adventure in the room is a great way to spend a birthday, stag parties and other events. Escape room checks the ability to cooperate in a group, so it suits the company integration meetings and teambuilding. Our place has a 40 square meters room where you can organize any event.
One game (60 minutes):
2 pers. - 70 PLN / 20 EUR // 3-4 pers. - 100 PLN / 30 EUR // 5 pers. - 120 PLN / 35 EUR

White wolf (up to 8 pers.):
4 pers. 120 PLN / 35 EUR, additional player +5 EUR

EURO26 -20%


White wolf
Coming soon in english!
Secret agent
You received an anonymous information about the whereabouts of a wanted serial killer. When you went into the room, it turned out that you find yourself trapped. Criminal decided to give you the opportunity to get out of the room. Can you outsmart his security system and escape alive?


Cabin in the woods
Your friend, journalist, went into the dark forest to gather information to a new article. After he sent to you the location of a promising place, you lost contact with him. Will you find your friend alive? Can you discover the secrets of a seemingly ordinary cabin in the woods?



Voucher for an adventure in MAZE Escape room is nice gift for your loved one.

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